recom ART  |  An insider’s tip for 30 years
– today in the hands of the next generation.

After apprenticeship at Grieger Ostfildern recom was founded in 1985 as a black & white photo laboratory. Today, after a digital period, recom ART is again in an analog and artisan analysis with photographic processes – and in contrast to then combines both worlds. With three decades of experience we follow the idea of a revival of older techniques.

From digitisation and image editing focusing on motifs to classical picture outputs such as inkjet prints, chromogenic prints, silver gelatin prints, and mixed media up to finishing methods with wax, high gloss, and varnishes the spectrum of our repertoire has not come to an end yet.

Our current research project with the department of conservation and restoration at the abk Stuttgart brings knowledge regarding durability of typical photographic output media, reproduction of damaged photographs, large format mounting, and splicing of several strips of prints.




1985 analog black & white image output
1986 Hell C100 drum scan

first digital image editing

1990 inkjet printing on silk
1993 first lightjet production
1995 digital printing of Scitex on Iris
1999 development with Epson, first inkjet prints with pigmented ink

DITONE printing (inkjet printing)

2005 Scans by Cruse / reference scan
2008 exposure of digital data on negative
2013 move to Berlin

new designed black & white photo laboratory

2017 C-print laboratory and digital lightjet output

research project with abk Stuttgart

2019 large format mounting

inhouse aging tests of our materials

2020 backmounted spliced prints (2,65 x 6 m)