RECOM ART serves the high-quality demands of the art market regarding a professional picture output and combines all necessary techniques under one roof. We offer digitisation, image editing, digital and analog black & white and color laboratory, mounting, shipping and transportation, and project management. We work in and for Berlin, Germany, Europe and the world. We work for well-known international photographers and artists, galleries, museums, collections, auction houses, and archives. We use own technologies and processes such as DITONE PRINT, DOM, and REANALOG WORKFLOW.

We offer an INTERNSHIP FOR YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS AND ARTISTS during studying or within 5 years after graduating from university OR HIGHLY INTERESTED PEOPLE to find their profession to love.


– knowledge of German on level B2 and/or knowledge of English on level B2
– minimum age 18
– undergraduate or graduate students (B.A. or M.A.) of photography or arts and/or people with a keen interest in analog photography, laboratory work and mounting who want to take up a profession in this field
– time budget of min. 4 weeks which can be extended to 12 weeks or longer with 3 to 4 days of work per week at RECOM ART
– health and liability insurance
– EU citizenship (incl. Switzerland) or – for citizens of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan – a working holiday visa. Citizens of other countries need a work permit or a student visa allowing them to work, please see: “Visa information for Germany” below.

Those requirements are the basic ones, but of course we would be happy if you bring more than that, professional experience for example or further university studies, a deep interest in photography and art, open-mindedness, imaginativeness, willingness to learn, thinking outside the box, or anything else you would like to convince us with.

The internship is unpaid. But in exchange for your work, we offer you free board and lodging in Berlin-Kreuzberg. At the same time, you will gain a deep insight in our work, especially in the laboratory work with dark room work, retouching, toning, image editing with Photoshop, process and quality management. Depending on your previous education, skills, and interests we could also set a focus in your work and involve you in particular projects.

If you would like to apply for an internship with us, please send a CV, a motivation letter, and – if you have – a portfolio of your work to We would also be glad to receive two letters of recommendation, one of them from a person in academic context.

When you submit your application, you will receive an email as confirmation. We read through all the given information to determine whether your interests and skills match our work and projects. If we think you are a good candidate, we send you an invitation for an interview by phone or Skype to get better acquainted. Within one week after the interview we let you know about our decision.

If you have any further questions about the internship or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.



  1. You can come to Germany without a visa, if you are …

… from a country that is marked as “no visa” on this list of the German Foreign Office. Duration: 90 days (except EU citizens, who can stay forever). Prolongation beyond 90 days: Very easy, if you are from Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand or the USA: once in Berlin, you can apply for a residence permit here in Berlin. The application is easy and comfortable. Other nationals, who can come for 90 days without a visa, can prolong their stay quite easily, too: You are not granted a residence permit, but often you can get a visa extension or a different visa tailormade for the purpose of your stay.

  1. If you do need a visa, because your country …

… has a “YES” behind its name on this list of the German Foreign office, we will send an invitation document for the visa application. In the invitation we have to confirm, that all costs have been taken care of. Please find here information about the visa regulations for Germany.

  1. Working Holiday visas for Germany …

… are an option for citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan:

– age between 18 and 30 (35 for Canadians*)
– stays of up to 12 months
– sufficient funds for the first three months (ca. 250 euro per month)

With a Working Holiday visa, you can look for a job in Berlin and make some money. Please keep in mind that it will be difficult to find a job with little or no German language skills.

When to apply: BEFORE coming to Germany if you are from Canada, South Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong (just contact your local German embassy or consulate); BEFORE OR AFTER having arrived in Germany for citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan. See also the German Foreign Office´s website. * In Canada the name of the visa is not “Working Holiday”, but “Youth Mobility Visa“.